Search Engines - Reciprocal Links Exchange

1) TARGETED LINKS If you exchange links with websites that are related to the topics covered in yours (highly recommended) then visitors that click on your links will be targeted. They will already be interested in the site that you exchanged links with and so will be looking for more information on the topic. 

Getting linked is the very simple concept of having other web sites link to yours.

Notice I said 'simple concept' not 'simple process'. It is a lot of work to find sites that have a similar audience as yours, then search their site to see if they even offer free links to other sites, and then find contact information to ask them to link to you.

If you manage a website, then you know that trading links with other sites is said to be a valuable method of promoting your website, and getting more traffic. But the true value of it really depends on how you go about it.