Website promotion

Professionals have been slow to realize the enormous value of the Internet as an advertising medium. Many have adopted e-mail and developed websites, but they don't know what to do with them. Every day, thousands of consumers and businesses search for professionals on the internet. Major law firms will often spend thousands of dollars on a website, but hesitate to spend $295 on ""

Pop-up windows are small windows which automatically appear when you visit or leave a website. You've probably seen one at some point as they are not very uncommon, and for a good reason.

Pop-up windows are effective! They get in your face, grab your attention, and require action just to get rid of them. They can't be ignored and scrolled over like a banner ad on your site. While they do annoy some, most webmasters agree that the results of an effective pop-up window outweigh a minor annoyance.

Let's face it, some businesses sell "high ticket" items with enough profit margin that a few sales will do. Internet businesses don't usually follow this trend. So one of the KEYS to success on the net is driving HUGE amounts of traffic to your site. To do this you need TOOLS. And you need them to be FREE. Here is a step by step guide to what tools to use and how to use them.

I have been promoting websites on the NET for some time now, and have seen many marketing strategies come and go. You've seen it, Expert A (Dr. Know-It-All) told you to go to his website for the very BEST promotion on the net. "I'll do everything for you" the Dr says. He must know, right? So, you send lots of money, and wait for the traffic. Hmmm... didn't happen. No increase in hits. Well, it must have been Dr. Know-It-All. I'll try Expert B, Dr. No-You-Don't. Surely HE will be better than the last because....Yahdah...Yahdah...Yahdah! Again, some big money sent...few results.

1. Instant Stickines Adding some type of interactivity to your site will increase your "return visit rate". Re-attracting your current visitors are the easiest way to increase your traffic. That's right - get the people who are visiting your site now to come back time and again.

It's been said that most web sales don't occur on the first visit to your site. If this is true, getting people to come back to your site should increase your sales dramatically.

How do you promote a web site for a company that has an extremely limited buying group? Sure, most of the companies on the Internet today sell one small product or service, which is searched for by thousands, if not millions of people every day. But, if your company is like ours, you don't have a lot of people searching for your product.