Work at home business promotion

Millions of people love the Internet because it offers them so much free information. People used to grab the phone book, pick up a newspaper, or call the library when they had a question. Now vast numbers log on and find the information online.

You can harness this massive and powerful demand for free information. Use it to build your base of customers and prospects. Use your ability to provide free information to build image, customer confidence, brand recognition, and sales.

Have you ever sat down and thought of the differences between business on the Internet and business offline?

Obviously the differences are many. There is one BIG difference, however, that many small business people overlook.

Oh it's true, admit it, you can not resist those titillating text links beckoning to you to "Click Now" and "Discover Secrets Revealed" or "How to Explode Your Traffic". You ask yourself, can they really believe I would be so naive as to click on that? And then you do! Don't worry you're alright, we all click on them, and if not maybe we should because there is a valuable marketing lesson to be learned within.

If you pay attention to only one traffic generating idea, this is it! Articles are by far my number one traffic generator for my sites at this point. I still work the other methods, obviously, but writing articles is what I concentrate on.