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The main problem that seems to keep cropping up more often, is that people don't realize there is WORK involved in marketing their products and services.

Many of you waste your money on buying email lists that someone "says" is good. Many of you, every day, pay $1,000's of dollars for email blast services, and services by companies who claim they will put your web site at the top of all the search engines. (By the way โ€” this is impossible.) Many of you would rather pay someone else to do your marketing for you, rather than do the work yourself. This is being lazy โ€” plain and simple. It also shows that you don't care very much about your business. You don't love it but you want it to make money. Sorry โ€” can't have your cake and eat it too. That's the facts of life.

But for those of you who do "love" your business, but you just don't know what to do -- listen up. The answer is plain and simple. YOU HAVE GOT TO WORK!!!

The best way to start is by surfing the internet.  And "surfing" doesn't mean that you just click on a page and then click on another one. This means that you READ different web sites of interest to you. When you find something that interests you, (and it won't take long) you click on the link and visit another part of this site and READ some more. Explore the web site. Don't just stop at the front page and go to another URL.

Do this every day when you get on the internet. Don't just get your email and then shut off the computer. That's such a waste. The very least you could do every day is fill out just one form for free advertising (links, banner exchanges, join a webring, etc.), read messages from a newsgroup. If you did just one of these things every single day, you would see your business on the internet improve. GUARANTEED. But the key word is "READ." Over 78% of people don't read, so be different and you'll see difference.

FFA - "Free for all" sites.  Do they work?  Hard to say.  Some say it's a great way to advertise for free and others will tell you it's a real waste of time.  I have gotten several visits to my sites from FFA postings.  But to say that's one of the best way to advertise, no, I sure wouldn't go that far.  Your link competes with hundreds and maybe even thousands of others so you need quite a catchy title for people to click on it.  There are free FFA services available on the net and most of these also offer paid services to upgrade to a higher level that would allow you to post to more sites and not have to renew your email address authorization on a regular basis.  I wouldn't pay for this service myself.  But to some it may be worth the small fee.  They're quite cheap and all the leads are good.  Besides, you won't be reported for spamming!

Classified Ads - For the few weeks that I've been seriously involved in network marketing, I must have placed over 1,000 free ads on the net.  Did they work?  YIKES!  Not very well!  I tried paid ads which didn't give me much either.  Now, I'm trying targeted newsletter and ezine advertising.  I'm very careful when I advertise.  I really hate spending money if I'm not getting anything in return.  I always look at all the ads before placing my own.  If I see 100 ads and 1/3 of the ads are for the same program that I want to put there, I'm wasting my time.  It would be a real shot in the dark that people would click on MY ad rather than the other 30 ads already there for the same thing.  I try to pick sites where very few people advertise my program, and even better when I find a site where there isn't a single ad for the same one.  It's extremely time consuming to say the least!

I got most of my referrals through WildFire (see ad below).  And the best part is, WildFire is FREE.  You have the possibility to advertise to as many as 1,000,000 (yep, that's ONE MILLION) people worldwide absolutely free.  When I don't have to pay for something, I'm more willing to give it a shot, so I did.  BINGO!  I got 11 referrals in 13 days, that's more referrals than I got with one ad than I did with all my other ads put together in a lot more time!  

Free-for-All link sites as well as free classified sites serve a very important purpose; however, they are not meant to really sell anything -- just to make contacts. When someone posts their free ad to a board someplace, all they receive is emails from other people trying to sell them something instead. That's why most people give away free stuff in their ads so people will visit their web site and (hopefully) order something.

Free-for-All link sites as well as free classified sites are not monitored very well (since they don't make any money for the webmaster).  They are a perfect way for beginners to market because they can try out a variety of boards to determine the best one for what they are selling. Then, the person can buy a paid ad at the web site pulling the best response for them. This is kind of like trialware, except in the advertising world.

Email lists - now that's a good one!  Many people in my business have bought opt-in email lists which were supposed to be safe and have good leads.  Several of them have been reported for SPAM using those lists!!!  It doesn't mean that because you are paying for these lists that they are safe.  Far from it!  BE VERY CAREFUL with email lists!  Some people will do anything for a quick buck and fool others into buying something they claim is safe but really isn't.  You're much better off creating your own or joining one that already exists and email people from there.  There are also many clubs on the net that allow email blasting to club members.  Those are safe.  I have joined two clubs at TheGlobe myself and use these to send thousands of emails.  But don't use your main email address for those or you'll be sorry!  LOL  TheGlobe provides you with a free email too and that's what I use for FFA and TheGlobe clubs.

Mass emailing is called spamming, and it is the number one offense you can commit on the Internet. Most people have to pay for their Internet access, and many of them pay by the hour (and, thus, by the minute). If you spend 33ยข to mail a first-class letter through the mail, if the person is not interested they simply throw your envelope away. But on the internet -- the recipient is paying for time on the internet. If they have to wait 20 minutes to download all their emails only to find that 95% of it is trying to sell them something -- you can bet that NOBODY will pay any attention to you.

To see if an email address has been reported for spam or to report a spam visit Mail Abuse.  You can also find several other sites related to spam which are quite interesting.

Your own web site - If you belong to a program that gives you a free integrated web page, it's a good idea and highly recommended to make your own from it.  If you don't know where to start, there are many good sites where you can create your own web page for free.  My two favorites are AdlandPro and Coolebiz (I created a hockey page there just for fun in about an hour!).  These two are the easiest to work with if you don't know html and they have great templates to make your web page look really good.  There are others as well, such as www.homestead.com.  

I have tried a LOT of the above myself (with the exception of email lists after I read in our forum that so many people had been reported for spamming).  Those I truly liked and are good for ANY MLM or ANY home business are listed below.

I have listed here several advertising methods for the beginner as well as the savvy network marketer to help you.   I'm always happy when someone else helps me.  After all, I know I need all the help I can get with this new business.   Some of these offer bonuses or extra income potential that involve a small fee, but it's up to you to decide what works for you and where you want to spend your money.