I include here a list of online job opportunities. This kind of work at home occupation is ideal as a second source of income or for parents that have to stay at home and take care of their children. I am making every effort to keep this list of job opportunities free of not legitimate Work-at-Home Schemes.
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How can I make money with Affiliate Marketing

Commission Junction is easy to join, easy to use, and most important - makes it easy to make money and get paid. By using our advanced tool set, you can place links and be making money immediately.

Commission Junction offers you real-time tracking and performance analysis of every product and link you place via an easy-to-use and understand reporting interface you access by simply using your browser.

Commission Junction will pay you every month with a single check that automatically consolidates your earnings from all of the merchants' programs you join. Read on to learn more.

Create Buying Opportunities on Your Web site
When you sign up with Commission Junction, you can turn your content or entertainment Web site into a revenue generator in just a few minutes. All you need is a Web site and a free affiliate account with Commission Junction. You can promote the name brand products and services of our merchants through banner ads, text links, and product links they provide and receive a consolidated commissions check each month.

Get Paid for Every Click, Lead and Sale
With Commission Junction, you have a trusted third-party provider tracking and reporting each transaction from every link on your site and for each merchant you choose to partner with. You receive a monthly paycheck that consolidates all of your earnings in your own currency. Check your balance and your payment status from home or work, any time of day, through your Web-based CJ account. With these online tools, anyone can succeed with affiliate marketing.

Optimize Your Ad space with SmartZones™
Commission Junction has developed proprietary technology, called SmartZones™, that allows you to switch out your banners, text links, and products online in seconds without having to change your HTML code. Place the code for a tracking SmartZone™ on your Web site once, wherever you want that ad to appear. Then, in your CJ account online, dynamically place whatever text link, banner, or product you want to appear in that SmartZone™ within seconds. This online tool gives you the capability to test and adjust your merchant banners and links to promote the highest performing links and make the most money possible from your site.

Work with over 1,000 Merchants
With over 1,000 merchants to select from, you can easily find ads and products to fit the content of your Web site. Over a thousand top-quality e-commerce sites have joined CJ, made their entire product catalog available for placement on your Web site, and are offering top commissions on clicks, leads, and sales of their products and services.

Earn a Residual Income
Commission Junction is paying commissions too. As a member of Commission Junction, you can recruit new affiliates and merchants to the CJ network and receive residual commissions. This means that you receive a percentage of every commission your referral earns. Earn $2 for each new referral that generates a transaction, plus 5% of the commissions your referral earns for as long as they are a member of CJ.

Learn more about the benefits of being an Affiliate or a Merchant here.