A proven method to set up a profitable computer work at home job on the Internet

When you join a Network Marketing Company like SFI, the company that I work for, you become an "affiliate".
As an SFI affiliate, you'll earn commissions on any purchases made by people YOU have DIRECTLY referred to SFI. This is a nice benefit and this is how most of the affiliate programs on the Internet work.

SFI basically only needs you to refer new people to the company.  When they decide to join SFI, they become your personal affiliates. Every time one of your personal affiliates makes a sale or purchases a product of SFI for his personal needs, you get commissions. If you can consistently generate new affiliates, you can realistically create a fulltime monthly income within 2-3 years with your computer work at home job.

But, where are you going to find these new affiliates?  Or better, where are they going to find you? You must exist on the net, if you want to be found by those people, like you and me, who are in search of a profitable work at home job opportunity.

There are several ways to make your presence visible on the Internet.

One of them is posting free or paid classified ads on websites that publish classified ads. You can find a lot of them if you type “free classified ads” (without the quotes), to the search box of a major Search Engine like Google, or “paid classified ads” or “advertise” correspondingly. I used this method on my early days in SFI and this way I referred my first affiliates and started building my group.

Another way to be found on the net is by listing your SFI pages to Pay per Click (PPC) Search Engines (SE). You can find all the information you need about PPC SE at http://www.payperclicksearchengines.com/. I also used this method with success, since I was getting  well targeted visitors in my website. A good number of them decided to join SFI and became my personal affiliates. 

A third way is to purchase advertising space in electronic newsletters or magazines (ezines)  relative to network marketing and home based business or work at home jobs. These newsletters are send by email to thousands of recipients who requested to receive these newsletters. I never used this kind of promotion and I do not know its effectiveness in referring new affiliates.

Also you can promote your business by using email lists. You buy a certain number of emails, who contain your message about your business, and are send to the members of such email lists, people who opted-in and want to receive emails with content relative to home business opportunities. I also never used this kind of promotion, which I consider the less cost effective.

All of these methods are good, but require too much money or too much effort to obtain a good result, which is to refer a good number of new affiliates.

The method I use and I 'm suggesting to you, will save you time and money. But this method requires a certain level of familiarity with Internet and information technology, will to learn and work on the Internet and persistence. It is the most cost-effective method. It is the method that made me a Group Leader of SFI.

The method is to create and promote properly your own website on the Internet.

That is what I have done. And it rewarded me. Now I have over 8000 affiliates in my group and I refer 10-20 new affiliates every day from my website. I have designed it and I am promoting it following methods that permit to obtain and keep a good position among the websites that appear in the listings of the major Search Engines for the desired search keyword, "computer work at home". Do you think it is difficult to do that? Well, it is not easy.   But with my help you can do it, believe me.

If you follow this method of promotion for your home business, you have to learn more about website designing, creating and publishing. But you won’t be alone. I will help create your site and teach you how to promote it properly. Then you will have to promote it (always with my help and guidance). This way you will have an advantage among the other affiliates of Network Marketing Companies. You will not have the same doorway web pages every company assigns to every affiliate. You will have your own personalized pages. Pages optimized to attract people to SFI affiliate program and also to get a good rank in the Search Engine listings.

Get to know better the steps of my method in the section that I have created especially for this purpose.

So, this is my proposal to you. Let’s build your site together. Your job will be to promote it by following my instructions. It will take some time to appear in the listings of the major Search Engines. A few months. Two, maybe three. And also you will have to work hard to get a good position in the listings of the major Search Engines. But when this method will start producing results, you will be surprised. It will start bringing you well targeted visitors. Many of them will become your affiliates. And that means income to you. Income that will start growing. It will become residual income and leveraged income.

Dear friend,

Now you know my method. This is a team work. I’m willing to work with you, If you are willing to spend a few dollars to create and host your website and dedicate time to work along with me.

You are not obliged to follow this method by any means. In fact there aren’t many SFI affiliates, who use this method right now, because it requires a certain level of knowledge about Internet, website creating and publishing and mainly search engines optimizing and ranking. But, in these fields I come to support you and do the job initially, until you fill comfortable with these activities.

I will also be by your side in promoting your business with other methods, free or paid.

If you are interested in starting YOUR computer work at home job


I’m looking forward to work together with you and achieve our common target, a substantial monthly income to meliorate the quality of our lives!

Tasos Vasilopoulos
SFI Group Leader